MFJ-1775W, ROTATABLE DIPOLE, WARC (12/17/30/60M)

You can hardly see this mini 14 foot rotatable dipole across the street! Its tiny 7-foot turning radius fits on the smallest roof -- its perfect for town houses, apartments and condos.

The MFJ-1775W is inconspicuous and low profile -- not much bigger than a TV antenna and can easily be turned by a lightweight TV rotator (see AR-35).

Its no Wimp! Its directivity reduces QRM/noise and lets you focus your signal in the direction that you want -- so you can work some real DX. You can operate all the WARC bands -- 60, 30, 17, and 12 meters -- and run full 1500 Watts SSB/CW on all WARC bands!

Features automatic band switching and uses highly efficient end-loading with its entire length always radiating. You have ham radios most versatile WARC band rotatable dipole!

Each WARC band uses a separate, efficient end-loading coil wound on fiberglass forms with Teflon&#trade; wire, and capacitance hats at each end (no lossy traps).

Built-to-last -- incredibly strong solid rod fiberglass center insulator and 6063 T-6 aircraft strength aluminum tubing radiator.

Assembles in an afternoon. Adjusting one band has little effect on other bands.

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