MFJ-1801T-C, 4 in 1 Portable Antenna Companion Self-Standing Portable Mount, RF Isolator, Antenna Tuner, Ground Post

  1. Self-Standing Portable Antenna Mount. Lets you conveniently place your antenna in a more optimum location to greatly improve your signal. Even operate inside while your Walkabout/portable antenna is outside in the clear.

  2. RF isolator. Highly effective 1:1 choke balun isolates your antenna and counterpoise/ground from your coax and transceiver. Only your antenna radiates -- prevents RFI, field pattern distortion, reduces noise coming in on your coax shield. Choke balun is made of multiple turns of RG-174 coax on a binocular type 43 ferrite core.

  3. Antenna Tuner. Built in L-network antenna tuner lets you reduce SWR to a minimum for maximum power output -- don't waste a single watt !!!

  4. Ground post. Easily attach necessary counterpoise wire or radials.

Works with all portable 80-6 Meter lightweight whip antennas with BNC connector. Perfect for MFJ Walkabout Antennas that covers 80-Meters (MFJ- 1880T) thru 6 Meters (MFJ-1806T), Elecraft AX-1, AX-2 and others. 

Keep it handy . Small, lightweight, easy-to-carry. Smooth edges.

3x4x1 1/2 inches. 1.8-60MHz. Up to 100 Watts.