MFJ-1836H, COBWEB HF, 1/2 WAVE, 6-BD, 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20M 1.5kW

Restricted space spoiling your operating fun? MFJ Cobweb puts your call back on the map!

This six-band (20, 17, 15, 12, 10, 6 Meters) full half-wave Cobweb Antenna is perfect for restricted space or portable operation. Sky-gray fiberglass spreaders and nearly invisible wire elements (flat 9x9x1/2 feet square. 8 pounds), blend in with your surroundings while standing tough against nasty weather.

Outstanding performance! Horizontally polarized for less local noise pickup plus solid gain over verticals will allow you to work DX easily -- even on QRP. Omni-directional. No radials needed! Works great at low heights. Low
SWR is due to MFJ’s exclusive Spider-MatchTM broadband network. Use lightweight TV hard- ware to mount on your chimney, balcony, mast.

Low in cost, but big on performance. MFJ Cobweb Antenna turns your space problem into a stack of QSLcards from far away places.

MFJ-1836HK34, $119.95. Add-on kit adds 40/30 Meters to the
MFJ-1835/1835H/1836/1836H cobweb.

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