The MFJ Ground-Coupled Portable Antenna Base™ gives you a stable way to mount your vertical antenna and provides an effective ground by just plopping down the base and standing on it to push the legs firmly into the ground. It’ll support many multi-band verticals.

It’s perfect for traveling or for semi-permanent summer/winter homes. You can easily set it up and take down your vertical antenna for stealth operation if you live in an antenna-restricted area.

The MFJ-1901 Ground-Coupled Portable Antenna Base™ is a 2x2 foot stainless steel square with reinforcing bends that greatly strengthens it. There is a folded and tapered six-inch stainless steel leg on each corner.

Two antenna mounts let you use a variety of vertical antennas.

Two handles make carrying and removing the base fast and easy. You can also attach radials for improved performance.

Stainless steel construction means you’ll get trouble-free service for years.

The base is anchored into the ground by stepping on each corner and forcing each leg into the ground. Each stainless steel leg is designed to keep the base from tilting.

The base can support a lightweight multi-band vertical antenna -- like the all-band Hy-Gain AV-18AVS and the band switching MFJ-1795 -- and provide a semi-permanent installation. Hide the base by covering it with grass, leaves and dirt.

Built-in antenna mount with SO-239 coax connector and two U-bolts lets you mount most standard and homebrew vertical antennas.

Standard 3/8-inch x 24 mobile antenna mount built-in for MFJ Mobile Whips, bug catchers, Hustlers and screwdriver antennas.