Automatically tunes your screwdriver antenna as you tune your transceiver!

Super accurate tuning . . . Ultra-fast . . . Extremely Reliable . . . 88 memories . . . StallProtector . . .Fully RFI protected . . .Easy-to-use . . . Compact . . . Works with most screwdriver antennas and Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, Elecraft transceivers . . .

Ameritron AutomaticTune mode automatically tunes your screwdriver antenna for lowest SWR as you tune your transceiver!

You get super accurate, ultra-fast and extremely reliable tuning with 88 programmable memories.

You also get a Stationary Tune mode that lets you tune your transceiver without your antenna constantly moving - - then touch TUNE when you’re ready.

Or you can use ManualTune mode by simply touching up/down buttons until you reach your desired frequency.

Precision four digit LED readout gives you antenna position, motor current and transceiver frequency -- it’s so bright you can even read it in direct sunlight.

Its super compact, ergonomic design is so intuitive to use you’ll never need the instruction book!

3 5/8W x 3 1/2H x 1 5/8D inches fits anywhere.

Fully RFI protected with RF chokes and bypass capacitors on incoming and outgoing wires and other sensitive points. All aluminum RF-tight cabinet. Completely eliminates troublesome RFI problems. Ameritron’s exclusive StallProtector prevents your expensive motor from burning out. It auto-detects motor stall and shuts off power to the motor completely. Current
limit is adjustable 100 mA to 4.9A in 100 mA increments.

Menu allows change of motor direction without physically reversing wires.

Works with single/dual magnetic sensor screwdriver antennas.

Includes interface cable for your transceiver, power, motor control and sensor wires. Specify Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu or Elecraft.

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