The MFJ-222 uses low power, high-speed dual comparator circuit to allow precision phase measurements between 1 - 50 MHz. A circuit indicates if unknown phase lags or leads the reference signal.

Signals used for measurement can come from an antenna analyzer such as the MFJ-269 or any other generator that will supply at least 1 Volt peak output into the load.

It has a built-in switchable 50 Ohm load (250 mWmax) so the use of an external load and BNC TEE is not needed in most tests.

MFJ-222 will read the frequency of the signal so generators with only a coarse or no frequency readout can even be used.

Set-up is simple. Plug in the signal generator output to IN, connect the Reference OUT to the input of the network and the output of the network to UNKNOWNIN. Turn it on and read the phase shift and the frequency.

A bright two line LCD display allows precision readout of the phase from -180 to +180 degrees without interpreting an analog meter or guessing at the phase polarity. With low power components, it will operate many hours on a single 9V battery or with the optional AC adapter MFJ-1312D.

Compact 4 ¼" x 4 ¾" x 2".

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