MFJ-223 1-60 MHz Color Graphic VNA Analyzer

Pocket-Size, Incredible Performance! Truly accurate SWR, R, X and Z!

This pocket-sized wonder breaks the mold for analyzer design with user-friendly convenience, top notch accuracy, and a vivid TFT multi-color display. Don`t let the size fool you, MFJ-223 is packed with all the VNAfeatures and performance you need!

For example, get data for SWR, resistance (R), reactance (X), and impedance magnitude (Z) delivered on a color-coded high-resolution bar-graph display or sharply defined swept-frequency plots.

Get continuous DDS frequency coverage with 100-Hz resolution and a full selection of tuning steps and sweeps.

There`s a movable marker that calls up alpha-numeric data for any point on any plot -- and a memory to capture current data when you turn the analyzer off.

Get other useful features too, like a built in help menu and a field-strength indicator warns when powerful interference is present.

Best of all, juggling batteries is a thing of the past -- a long-running lithium-polymer power source is built right in. Recharge via any USB port.

Checkout these specifications:
  •  Single-frequency and swept frequency operating modes
  •  Truly accurate SWR, R, X, and Z measurements
  •  Seamless DDS coverage with 100-Hz resolution from 1-60 MHz
  •  Smooth "skip-free" encoder tunes fast or slow without missing a step
  •  Powerful +5-dBm stimulus generator overrides local interference
  •  Field-strength meter measures local signals, detects potential interference
  •  DDS generator precision signal source
  •  Vivid 1600-pixel/inch color graphics on a 2x2 inch non-glare TFTscreen
  •  High-lumen output, easy to read in direct sunlight
  •  Easy setup, only four control switches with convenient on-screen soft menus
  •  Personalized ID function programs your call or name onto the display
  •  Built-in 3.7-V 1800- mAH lithium-polymer battery charges with Battery Status Indicator and Auto Shut-off.
  • Optional MFJ-5431, Micro USB to USB Charge Cable.

Charge % always displayed, multi-color LED monitors charge status
Built-in clock shows elapsed time when unit is turned on
Breakthrough miniaturization

2 3/4W x 3 1/2H x 1 3/8D" high-impact case, 5.1 oz.

Has BNC connector.


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