MFJ-2420TA, 20/17/15 Meters mobile antenna

HF Mobile --the easy way!

Work the world from your car, truck, SUV or other vehicle on 20/17/15 Meters with MFJ-2420T antenna and a magnet mount or trunk lip mount-- no complicated antenna installation needed!

5 inch Magnet Mount  or Trunk/Hatchback Lip Mount holds this MFJ-2420T HF mobile antenna tight and secure. Very low wind resistance is encountered by its thin, sleek 6 foot telescoping whip and light-weight base loading coil.  Handles full 125 watts. Operate 20 Meters with whip extended. Operate 17 and 15 meters just by telescoping whip length shorter for lowest SWR. MFJ -2420T does the work of three hamsticks and you don't have to remove and replace to change different bands.

Whip collapses to 14 inches for easy parking and storage. Easy-on, easy off 3/8 x 24 stud.

Proper grounding to vehicle must be used for effective operation. Works best with a mount that has a direct wire connection to ground.

For Convenient Mounting:

MFJ-335BT, $29.95. 3/8 x 24 Five-inch Magnet Mount with 17 feet coax and PL-259 connector.

MFJ-345T, $59.95. 3/8x24 Trunk/Hatchback Lip Mount.  Four inch wide lip with reinforcing tabs and rubber guard, 17 feet coax with PL-259 connector.

MFJ-2420T-BT, $89.95.Includes MFJ-2420T 20/17/17 Meter mobile antenna and MFJ-335BT 5-inch magnet mount.

For Best Performance:

MFJ-343, $19.95. Gum Drop antenna mount, 3/8 x24 to SO-239. Permanent mobile hard mount for 3/8 x 24 inch antennas.  Use for best HF mobile performance.

MFJ-1600T, $15.95. 4 1/2 foot Extender Mast. Use as bottom mast with MFJ-2420T for center loaded antenna for greater efficiency.