No trees, no problem! 31’ self-supporting vertical sets up in minutes, collapses to only 3.8’ ; perfect for RVs, vacations, field day, or as your grab-and-go kit.

More than a simple "flagpole", this complete antenna system includes adjustable base-loading coil, Guanella balun, and counterpoise.

Rugged Vertical Element: stout 1 ¾" base supports twist-lock fiberglass sections -- telescope to 31’in seconds. Despite its length, it’s so light one person can raise or lower it easily, even in wind. Special light-weight wire reduces weight distributed in top sections for improved rigidity and reduced sway.

Base Loading Network: Air-wound high efficiency loading coil is continuously tapped to provide full coverage 3.5 - 7 MHz. On 17 M, the inductor configures as a ⅝ - wave for added gain. On 20 M, adding inductance improves the load presented to your tuner. The base tuning unit is RF - isolated and can be attached to any supporting structure.

Portable Counterpoise: No guess work or ground rods needed, just connect four insulated 12’ radial wires to the tuning unit and lay them on ground.

Guanella Balun: Lab rated with up to 30 dB common-mode suppression, the balun prevents feedline, radio, and you from becoming part of the antenna!

Easy Wire Handling: Detachable wire spooler makes handling/storing wire easy during setup/takedown. Attaches to antenna body for storage.

Add Wire: Use conductive eyebolt at antenna top to install wires for an inverted "L" or a "T" to enhance low frequency coverage.

Corrosion Resistant: All hardware is aluminum, stainless steel, or corrosion protected to ensure long life.

Low SWR: No tuner is needed for 80 / 75 / 60 / 40 / 17 Meters, because radiator length is fixed at 31’. Operation on 30 / 20 / 15 / 12 / 10 / 6M requires an ATU.

PowerRating: MFJ-2982 components are safety-rated for 600 Watts PEP on SSB/CW.

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