MFJ-330, Ground Plane Pad for Magnet Mount

The MFJ-330 gives you a much stronger HF signal when you use a magnet mount for HF and a direct ground wire connection to your vehicle chassis is not available .  Lets you talk farther and longer on 40-6 Meters mobile.  Use two or more MFJ-330 for 80/60 Meter operation.

MFJ's magnetic ground pad provides an effective ground required for HF mobile antennas when a direct ground wire is not available.

Many hams don't install a direct ground wire to vehicle chassis because it is difficult or impossible or unsightly or they simply are not aware of the improvements it can give.

The MFJ-330 is a strong flexible thin magnetic pad  that magnetically adheres to a flat area surrounding the magnetic mount. It capacitively couples to your vehicle metal surface to provide an improved RF ground.

Super easy-to-use - - simply unscrew your antenna, slip the ring lug over the SO-239 connector on your magnet mount and place the magnetic pad on a near by surface.

For magnetic mounts with SO-239 antenna connector. Weather resistant. Handles maximum 500 Watts SSB, 200 Watts digital, FM, CW. Pad is 7 3/4 inches long x 3 1/4 inches wide, Connection wire is 8 1/2 inches long including ring lug. 

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