Like MFJ-4416C but has an on-board microprocessor to give more intelligent features and protection. Power switch allows load to be isolated from input, protecting from over current/voltage greater than 15V from boost supply or improper input.
MFJ-4418 monitors input and will not turn on if it is not greater than 10V and less than 14.5V.
Programmable value enables or shuts down booster supply as needed. Allows auto operation without keying connections to the radio.
Programmable electronic fuse allows protection in 1Asteps 5-30A. Use fast blow 100 mS or slow blow 100-700mS. Ignition HoldOff TM timer allows MFJ-4418 to continue to supply output for a programmable period even if ignition is off. Settings are software-driven via the USB port. 91/2Wx31/8Hx51/4D inches.

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