MFJ-4713, HF 4-Position Remote Antenna Switch, 1.8-30MHz

MFJ 4-Position Remote

Antenna Switch

The MFJ-4713 Remote Antenna Switch is designed to simplify your antenna setup by allowing you to connect up to four antennas using just one coaxial cable. It comprises two units: a Switch Box that goes near your antennas and a Control Box for your operating bench.


  • Switch Box: Positioned close to your antennas, this unit can be mounted at the base of a mast or on a wall. It features SO-239 connectors that should face the ground to prevent water accumulation.
  • Control Box: This sits on your bench and can either stand upright or be mounted to save space.


  • Space-Efficient: Its compact design ensures it won't clutter your workspace.
  • High Performance: The device maintains a low SWR across all amateur bands up to 150 MHz, ensuring optimal station performance.
  • User-Friendly Interface: A single rotary switch controls both power and antenna selection, with bright LEDs indicating the active antenna.

Controls and Connections

  1. Radio Port: For connecting the coax from your radio or tuner.
  2. 12V AC Input: The power input for the device.
  3. Box Link: A single coaxial cable connects the two boxes.
  4. Selector: Rotary switch for power and antenna selection.
  5. LED Indicators: Show the selected antenna.
  6. RF Ground: For safety measures.

Setup and Operation

Setting up is straightforward. Place the Control Box on your bench and the Switch Box near your antennas. A single coaxial cable is all that's needed to connect the two. Once set up, simply turn the selector switch to your desired antenna, and you're operational.

Technical Support

MFJ provides robust technical support through phone, fax, and email. It's advisable to keep your unit and manual handy when seeking assistance.

Safety Precautions

  • It's crucial never to transmit into an open antenna port to avoid hazardous voltages.


  • Switch Box: About 20cm x 15cm x 10cm (7.87in x 5.9in x 3.93in)
  • Control Box: About 15cm x 10cm x 5cm (5.9in x 3.93in x 1.96in)

For more details, refer to the official manual.

Product Manuals

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