The multi-purpose MFJ Portable Signal Tracer/Injector is used to quickly find defective stages in all kinds of signal amplifiers, radio receivers, and transmitters.

This includes home theater systems, hi-fi amplifiers, public address systems, guitar amplifiers, AM/FM/ TV receivers, CB radios, Ham transceivers, cordless phones, police scanners, shortwave receivers and cell phones.

It can also be used to find opens and shorts in cables and wires. It can identify and locate individual wires in multi-conductor cables. Its perfect for trouble shooting and repairing the cabling and wiring in computer networks, telephones, home theater, stereos, sound systems, public address systems and almost any system that uses wiring and cabling.

The MFJ Portable Signal Tracer/Injector accomplishes these functions with a harmonic rich variable level signal source, an AM detector and a variable gain audio amplifier.

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