When an end-fed antenna is desirable or when a center-fed antenna is not possible or convenient, these hang and play end-fed Zepp antennas provide excellent no-compromise performance.
The MFJ end-fed Zepp is a completely assembled single band half-wave antenna. It`s designed for direct coax feed and handles a full 1500 Watts legal limit with low SWR
Hang and Play! Just follow the easy installation instructions -- no cutting, soldering, tuning, or trimming.
They radiate in a wide broadside pattern. Feedline/stub can be "bent" at the bottom, pulled away at an angle. Super-strong fiberglass feed point insulator, glazed ceramic insulator, heavy-duty 7-strand, 14 gauge hard copper wire, extremely strong solderless crimped-construction. Super-strong custom fiberglass SO-239 mount provides stress-relief for the ladder line.