Was the noise gone the day the power company finally came to check it? Frustrating but typical. Most power line noise is intermittent - so youve got to be there when its happening.
This MFJ handheld power line noise meter lets you walk or drive around the neighborhood to search out leaky insulators, loose hardware and corroded ground lines quickly. You can track the noise source right down to the pole, transformer or insulator.
You can also pinpoint faulty dimmers, electric fence arcs, sparking power equipment, neon signs and much more! Let equipment owners hear how troublesome their noise is and see first hand whats causing the problem.
The MFJ-852 is a sensitive superhet AM receiver with a noise field strength meter. A telescopic, direction-finding dipole antenna is balun isolated and optimized. This gives you a sharp, clearly defined null for accurately pinpointing noise sources quickly and easily.
It operates in the 135 MHz region when activity is a minimum and radiation from corona and arcing is far more localized. 0.3 uV sensitivity and wide-range AGC give you an ultra wide range noise level meter - over 70dB!
Plug in headphones and hear the noise youre tracking or plug-in a tape recorder. With your tape, you power company may figure out whats causing the noise and know how to fix the problem before they even come out if youve done most of the detective work, they are more likely to cooperate. Compact size. Use 9 Volt Battery.

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