The MFJ-9234 Mini Loop Tuner TM is a small, versatile, high-efficiency device that turns a wire loop into a high-efficiency multi-band transmitting antenna system.

Designed to mount directly to your radio, it is perfect for on-the-go operation. It is designed for 50-ohm use at QRP-power input on all modes.

The MFJ-9234 Mini Loop Tuner TM resonates various lengths of wire to create a Hi-Q tuned-circuit that functions as a transmitting loop. It uses special low-loss capacitors for high efficiency and interfaces the Hi-Q transmitting loop circuit with any length of 50-Ohm coaxial cable.

No ground, radials, or counterpoise system are needed. The MFJ-9234 Mini Loop Tuner functions with wire loops of any shape -- circle, square, rectangle etc. For highest efficiency, use wires approaching one quarter wavelength erected in the shape of a circle.

The MFJ-9234 Mini Loop Tuner TM uses fixed wire lengths to cover roughly a 1.5:1 frequency ratio (28-18 MHz, 10-7 MHz, etc.). Exact frequency coverage depends on each individual installation and involves your choice of wire length, loop diameter, loop shape, height above ground level, plus other stray factors in the immediate operating environment.

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