MFJ-9241-BN, Portable 3 Position Antenna Switch with BNC Connectors

MFJ-9241-BN is Portable ,easy-to-carry 3-position antenna switch selects 1 of 3 antennas. Especially helpful during fast pace POTA or contest-- lets you quickly select best antenna for DX (like a vertical) or for close-in contact (like a low dipole) or for best reception (like receiving loop). Greatly improve your score and contact rate. Great for testing different antennas. Switch in a dummy load to make testing, setup and troubleshooting faster and easier. Low SWR 1.8-60MHz ,good to 2 Meters. Handles 200 Watts. BNC connectors. 3*4*11/2 inches. Easy to carry, small, light weight with smooth edges.