MFJ-9242-BN, 3 Position Antenna Switch, Transceiver / Antenna Analyzer Switch (BNC) Connectors

Do you tune your antenna or antenna tuner with your antenna analyzer?

New unique MFJ 3-position antenna switch lets you choose one of three antennas and instantly switch from transceiver to antenna analyzer for quick  tune-up and then quickly switch back to operating with a flick of a finger. No more tedious plugging and unplugging coax cables- especially useful during furious POTA or contest operation.

Also use as portable whip antenna self-standing mount. Has convenient ground post for counterpoise or radials. Lets you place your antenna in more effective location.

All BNC connectors for antennas and for antenna analyzer.

Its small and light weight with smooth edges. Easy to store and carry. Keep it handy. Low SWR to 60MHz, good to 2 Meters. 125 Watts. 3x4x1 1/2 inches.