This is the Kit version of the MFJ-9320W.  If you want the version that is already put together and tested you are looking for the MFJ-9320W.

Whether youre taking a 10-minute DX break from your computer at work or home or back-packing in the mountains, MFJs new QRP-Cub is a great way to put the magic back into your ham radio. Youll enjoy countless hours operating this tiny high performance QRP Transceiver.
MFJ QRP-Cub Transceivers use Surface mount Technology to achieve big performance in a pocket-sized package.
The kit version has all SMT parts mounted and soldered. You just insert and solder the through-hole parts such as the connectors, inductors and trimmer caps/pots. In just a few hours, youll be working the world with QRP fun!
The MFJ QRP-Cub was designed by QRP-ARCI hall-of-famer K1BQT for real world low power operating conditions.
Buy them all or choose from 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, or 15 Meters. specify in "XX" area of model number.
Here are a few of the Cubs features that youll appreciate.
Hot receiver: 0.2 uV sensitivity pulls in weak signals.
Low noise: Virtually no noise contribution from receiver electronics.
Sharp passband: Crystal filter and shaped audio reject QRM and QRN.
Differential-Mode AGC: Audio output holds rock-steady over 80 dB signal range.
Robust AF Output: Drives stereo phones or external speaker.
Adjustable Transmitter: RF output is variable to zero. 2 Watts out thru 20M, 1W on 17/15 M.
Full QSK: Seamless electronic switching for smooth break-in.
Natural Sidetone: Pure sine-wave receiver monitors signal.
Shaped Keying: Controlled envelope for click-free keying.
Custom TX offset/Receiver passband center: User-adjustable.
Low Power Drain: Use any regulated 12 to 15 VDC source. 36 mA receive, 380 mA transmit.
Truly Portable: Set up anywhere, tuck out of way when not in use.

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