MFJ-933C, High Efficiency Magnetic Loop Tuner

High Efficiency, Multi-Band

Transmitting Magnetic

Loop Tuner

Turn wire or coax into a small, high-efficiency multi-band transmitting magnetic loop antenna!  Work the world from 3.5 to 30 MHz using a full 150 Watts on sideband, CW, and digital.  

No ground, radials, or counterpoise needed.  A new 313 pF matching capacitor increases the matching range, and a high-efficiency butterfly capacitor has no lossy rotating contacts. Small magnetic loops are very quiet on receive.  You'll hardly notice static crashes.  The high-Q design reduces QRM, overloading, and harmonics.

It's perfect for apartments, antenna-restricted areas, and portable operations.

Loops can be as small as 4' for 17m-10m, 7' for 20m-15m, 28' for 60m-40m, and 50' for 80m.  Loops don't have to be pretty.  Any shape will work!  Includes and Easy-Carry handle, a mount for a PCV loop support, and a tripod/mast mount.

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