This 10-Meter adventure rig gives you 10 Meters and packs 20 Watts SSB PEP. Be amazed with the clarity of its receiver from 28.3 to 28.6 MHz. Take it anywhere! On top of mountains, down cool streams, overseas, bicycle trips, campgrounds, etc.  MFJ Adventure radio combines with you other outdoor adventures for an even more enjoyable experience. Exclusive ConstantCurrentTM syllabic speech processing adds 4 to 6 dB of extra punch. Features single conversion superhet receivers with a low noise front end and double balanced mixer to fight intermod, dig deep and adds a 2.3 KHz crystal ladder filter.  Also has a low pass filter to avoid TVI.  Real analog S-Meter double as speech processing level monitors, analog tuning with no unexpected rate shifts or stair-stepping, powerful one-half watt audio from 3.5 inch top-mount speaker and a solid state FET switch to key an external amplifier. It is energy efficient, operating from a 3A AC supply or from a 12V battery. Built-to-last conservative design, premium quality, plate-through PC boards, quality components, handsome silkscreened aluminum faceplate and tough cabinet.  Just 6Wx2.5Hx6.5D inches. This is a used unit, (second). It may have cosmetic defects but works to original specifications.