MFJ-1938TP, 3 Band Automatic Hamstick Bandswitching mount

Mount up to 3 Hamsticks from 160 Meter to 2 Meters and enjoy automatic band switching-- no more manually changing hamsticks to change bands.  For any HF/ VHF antennas with 3/8 inch x 24 thread mounts.

Includes heavy duty mast/pipe mount with Quikspike TM 12 inch ground stake. Versatile mount can be used on vertical or horizontal mast/pipe/balcony up to 1 inch diameter or can be simply pushed into ground. Stainless steel 3/8 x 24 bracket firmly holds three hamsticks or other antennas from 160 thru 2 Meters. Has SO-239 connector for coax cable connection. Features antenna end separation to minimize interaction when tuning your antennas.

Optional Hamsticks available: 75- 6 Meters.