MFJ-1979MR, 20-6 Meter Portable Resonate Vertical Antenna

Full quarter wave on five DX bands:20, 17, 15, 24, 28, 6 Meters , 500 Watts. Everything you need in one package to start operating in minutes.!

Includes 17 foot telescoping stainless steel whip antenna, versatile mast /pipe/ground mount with 12 inch steel ground spike and four 25 foot insulated radials.

Ready operate in minutes. Simply push QuikSpike mount into ground(or mount to mast ,pole, balcony, vehicle), spread out four 25 foot radials, extend antenna to resonance on desired band , attach your coax and operate- it couldn't be easier or faster! 80, 60, 40 or 30 Meter hamstick can be used in place of 17 foot telescoping whip for low band operation.