Ameritron QSK-5 High Power Transmit/Receive Switch

QSK-5 variants
QSK-5 Self-contained Switch (120V)
QSK-5X Self-contained Switch (220/240V)
QSK-5PC PCB board (install required)
QSK-5PCI PCB board (factory installed)


This self-contained AMERITRON QSK-5 Transmit/Receive Switch uses electronic PIN diode switching to give you lightning fast QSK operation from nearly any HF linear amplifier.

It lets you use your linear amplifier for high power QSK CW, for packet, AMTOR and any mode requiring extremely fast switching between transmit and receive.

Installation is simple. Just plug in a few cables to start enjoying QSK. There is no complicated internal wiring.

The world’s most advanced QSK switch has new technology that’ll make your amplifier last longer and prevent TVI, RFI and key clicks.

AMERITRON’s exclusive AmpSaver™ (available in QSK-5PC and QSK-5PCI) completely turns off your power amplifier tube current between dots, dashes and words!

This new QSK technology gets rid of unwanted power dissipation that causes damaging heat. Your expensive amplifier runs cooler so every component in your amplifier lasts longer.

Our exclusive SureSwitchTM handshaking prevents “hot switching” RF power. Prevents TVI, RFI, key clicks and possible damage to your amp.

The QSK-5 is six times faster than a typical mechanical vacuum relay “QSK” switch that can just barely keep up with QSK transceivers. As radios get faster and better, mechanical switching just won’t be able to switch fast enough. Unlike noisy mechanical vacuum relays, the QSK-5 is extremely quiet. There’s no relay chatter keeping you from enjoying QSK.

You won’t have to pay for QSK again if you buy another amplifier. Unplug the QSK-5 and use it with your new amp.

Handles 2500 Watts PEP and 2000 Watts CW in normal amateur service when SWR is below 1.5:1. Handles 750 Watts on continuous carrier modes such as RTTY, SSTV, and FM. Optional cooing fan (CF-5) allows sustained operation at 1500 Watts in any mode. Use with positive voltage keying up to +25 Volts.

6" x 4" x 9 ½".

Internal QSK Available for the following AMERITRON models: AL-80B,
AL-1500, AL-1200, AL-82, AL-800, AL-800H.

Contact Ameritron for installation details on the QSK-5PC internal switch.

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