*Plate adapter and mouse not included.

These new Hy-Gain Rotators feature . . . Super strong Double Worm Gear Drive, Self-Braking design, Extremely Quiet Motors, One Degree Position Resolution, Automatic Digital Controller . . .

The RAK Rotators are designed with a simple double worm gear drive that results in a super-strong and yet simple and ultra-reliable rotator system.

It can handle 550 pounds of vertical load. Turning is smooth, precise and extremely quiet. RAK Rotators come complete with an automatic digital controller.

The RAK-C1 controller has one degree resolution and a large easy-to-read digital readout. A computer serial RS-232 interface is available. Works with many computer programs.

RAK Rotators are designed for simple mounting. Pipe mast mount on both ends (which allows coax cable to pass through the center of the rotator) prevents cable tangling and damage. An optional adaptor is available for plate mounting.

RAK Rotators operate from a voltage range of 12 Volts to 24 Volts AC or DC. The higher the voltage the higher your torque and the higher your turning speed will be -- a unique RAK feature.

Low-voltage, high torque DC gear motor has a rotating speed of 60 seconds (360 degrees) with 24 Volts on the motor.

It’s quiet and powerful with self-braking action and double worm gear drive.

RAK and Big RAK heavy-duty Azimuth Rotators are constructed with 3/16 thick wall steel pipe and real steel housing.

RAK rotators use a sealed reed switch sensor technology for reliable all-weather operation. Gives you super tight tolerances with minimal play.

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