RJ-8MY2, CABLE, ARI-RIG, RJ45-8 MD, YAESU 857-879-100

These cables connect the ARI-500 the following Transceivers.

ARI-500 Cables
Model # Transceiver
RJ-13D Icom 706, 7000, 718
RJ-7DI Icom ACC2, 7 pin
RJ-DB97DK TS-2000, 570, 870
RJ-DB98MK Kenwood and compatibles*
RJ-8MY FT-847 Tuner Port, 450/95
RJ-8MY2 FT-857D, 897D, 1000MP
RJ-8DY Yaesu with 8 pin Data
*Not compatible with Kentwood TS-480,2000 rigs.