TB-52, TOWER BASE, FOR HG-52SS (871094)

Due to Weight and Size to order this Item you must call Hygain for them to get the proper shipping.

Hy-Gain Tower Bases These tower bases are specially designed for Hy-gain crank-up towers. They come complete with a base hinge and a foundation welded steel-cage. The TB-52 is a tower base for the HG-52S

Hy-Gain Tower Bases
Tower Base Tower Tower Base Weight*
TB-37 HG-37SS 50 lbs.
TB-52 HG-52S 80 lbs.
TB-54 HG-54HD 90 lbs.
TB-70 HG-70HD 102 lbs.
*Tower Bases must be shiped by truck. Please call for a quote.