The Hy-Gain(R) TH-1 is a full-size high-effiency 26 foot, 20-15-10-6 Meter full legal limit rotatable dipole that is inconspicuous and super low-profile -- it is almost invisible from across the street!

With its 13-foot turning radius and tiny 9 pound weight, it fits on even small roofs and is perfect for town houses, apartments and condos -- it is easily turned by a lightweight TV rotator such as the Hy-Gain(R) AR-35. If necessary, it can even be mounted inside a large attic for antenna restricted duplexes, apartments and neighborhoods.

And this antenna is no wimp! its bidirectional pattern can help reduce QRM and/or noise while maximizing your signal in the directions that you want -- so you can work some real DX. High efficiency traps provide operation on 20, 15, and 10 Meters -- with up to a full 1500 Watts SSB/ CW on all HF bands and Six Meters. 6-meter operation uses a dipole-mount on the driven element.

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