Transceiver Front-end Protector

TRP-150 protects your receiver front-end from high level RF signals.

Use this for added safety when operating in a multi-station contest environment and when another station is nearby.

Close proximity of a high power transmitter on one antenna can result in a potentially damaging RF signal being applied
to a receiver on a nearby antenna.

If both transmitters are on the same band, the filter on the receiver won’t help and receiver damage can occur.

Connecting between transceiver and antenna, TRP-150 protects the rig during receiving and automatically bypasses it during transmitting.

SO-239 for RF In/Out and phono jacks for radio and amp keys.

Requires 12VDC for power.

Tiny 2 1/4W x 2 1/2H x 1 1/4D inches.

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