This kit is a great introduction to QRP -- the hottest and fastest growing activity in ham radio!

With this tiny transceiver, youll discover what thousands of QRP enthusiasts already know -- you dont need $1000 radio to get on the air and QSO worldwide! It doesnt take a degree from MIT to "homebrew" a rig that works! Indeed, all it takes are a few simple tools and a couple of relaxing evenings of your time. All it takes is some simple circuitry using less energy than a penlight bulb! You get VXO frequency control, broad banded transmitter circuitry, solid one watt plus output, shaped keying, .3uV sensitivity, direct conversion receiver and much, much, more! Connect an antenna, peak the receivers front-end trimmer and youre ready to go! You`ll get microvolt sensitivity and a solid QRP CW signal with shaped keying. Best of all, youll experience the excitement of working other stations using a simple home-built rig you made with your own two hands. This QRP Transceiver Kit includes crystal for the popular QRP calling frequency. Tiny design lets you take it with you anywhere -- hotels, camping, field day, mountain top backpacking, etc. Vectronics careful step-by-step instructions guide you through the construction and tune-up. Vectronics kits work! Theyre created by engineers who are hobbyists-at-heart to give you what you want -- a professional product at a hobby price. Our QRP transceiver kits feature a professional quality epoxy glass PC board with solder mask and component legend, simple step-by-step instructions and highest quality components.

Skill Level: IntermediateThis kit requires more involved construction, you may use some test gear for final adjustment or tuning. Note: This is merely the kit. If you would like to purchase a case for your electronic kit as well, you will need to purchase the VEC-1300KC separately.

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