A directional antenna is essential for long distance VHF communication. By focusing transmitter power onto the horizon in a single direction, vectronics three element 6 Meter Yagi quadruples your ERP (effective radiated power) over a half-wave dipole.

The same benefit applies when receiving -- sensitivity toward the front of the antenna is improved by 6 dB over a dipole, while unwanted noise and interference from other directions are rejected.

The VEC-1862s main lobe (area of maximum sensitivity) is 70 to 80 degrees wide. This means you can converse with several stations in one general direction without having to constantly reposition your rotator for maximum signal.

Two VEC-1862s can be stacked to double your transmitter ERP and your received signal over a single VEC-1862. It also doubles your received signal. Stacked antennas also have greater capture area, which can improve reception even more.

The VEC-1862 weighs just 2 pounds and has a boom length of 6 feet. It is designed for installation with readily available TV mast, mounts and hardware.

The driven element uses Vectronics NoTuneHairpin impedance matching system, and element are cut to exact length at the factory. No further tuning is needed for 50 MHz SSB coverage.

Because of its compact size, lightweight construction, and easy-to-remove elements, the VEC-1862 is also an excellent choice for 6 - Meter portable or rover operation.

VEC-1862 handles 300 watts PEP SSB and can be mounted horizontally or vertically. A current balun decouples the 50 Ohm feedline from the antenna. It has 6 dBD of forward gain and backlobe attenuation of 18 dB.

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