Full Featured Electronic Keyer The VEC-201K gives you the best electronic keyer bargain in ham radio. The VEC-201K CW Keyer Kit is the same as our VEC-221K without 128 character memory. It takes all of the work out of sending CW -- youll have a professional sounding fist in no time! The kit uses a 9 Volt battery (not included). Its sized at a super compact 2 x 3 x 3½ inches.

Skill Level: Simple Calls for a few basic tools -- a soldering iron, cutters, pliers, wire-strippers and a small screwdriver. Doesnt require test equipment for final adjustment or tuning. Note: This is merely the kit. If you would like to purchase a case for your electronic kit as well, you will need to purchase the VEC-201KC separately.

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