Does your HF rigs automatic tuner have limited range? Cant auto-tune your antenna on all bands? Have to pretune your antenna with a manual tuner before your automatic tuner will work? Vectronics latest innovation greatly extends the matching range of your automatic antenna tuner -- you can match nearly any antenna automatically!
Vectronics new AutoTuner Extender transforms your antenna impedance -- up or down by as much as 10 times! Puts nearly any antenna to the matching range of your automatic tuner.
Its easy to use. Just bypass your auto-tuner and turn the VEC-514 knob for minimum SWR. Thats it -- youre ready to auto-tune. Never manually pre-tune with an external tuner again!
By transforming your antenna impedance so your tuner can be used in a low Q mode, you can handle more power without arcing your tuning capacitors. It also extends the range of manual antenna tuners. You can use any transceiver from 160 through 10 Meters with up to 300 Watts.
An OFF position grounds your antenna to bleed off static and protect your receiver. OFF also connects your transceiver to an external dummy load for safety. The VEC-514 also has a bypass position.
VEC-514 is a heavy duty, wide band, wide range, impedance transforming device. It has been carefully designed for flattest frequency response and lowest loss.

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