VEC-896, ANTENN, VERTICAL, 6 BANDS, 40/20/15/10/6/2M

Operate 40, 20, 15, 10, 6 and 2 Meters with this VEC-896 ground independent halfwave vertical antenna - no radials or ground ever needed!
Its only 12 feet high and has a tiny 24 inch footprint! You can mount it anywhere from ground level to the top of a tower -- on apartments, condos, small lots, even on a motorhome. You can take it anywhere -- field day, DXpedition, camping, etc.

Frequency selection is fully automatic -- there are no moving parts, nothing to adjust -- all you do is transmit. It handles up to 1500 Watts PEP. Low angle or radiation reaches out to snag in rare DX.

During a contest, youll love quickly working one station after another from all directions because of its omni-directional pattern. Easy to put together and put it on the air in one afternoon.

How does Vectronics achieve maximum efficiency in such a compact multiband antenna? The key is end loading -- the most efficient form of loading known. The entire length of the antenna is always radiating power. No lousy traps to reduce effective length.

End loading provides multibanding and full electrical half wave length on each HF band. An optimum combination of capacitive hat and inductive end loading delivers a close 50 Ohm match without a lossy impedance matching network.

Efficient high-Q loading coils are wound on low loss fiberglass forms. Large 1 1/8 inch diameter aluminum radiators are used to keep losses to a minimum. High-strength aircraft Aluminum.

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