Xiegu-XPA-125B, 100W Power Amplifier ,With Built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner

Key Features

1. Built-in Automatic Antenna Tuner: The automatic antenna tuner and power amplifier unit of XPA125B can be used independently of each other as either an automatic antenna tuner or a separate power amplifier. The tuner handles 14-500 ohm loads in the HF bands 1.8-30 MHz and 6-meter band 50-54 MHz.

2. 100W Power Output: The XPA-125B is the perfect amplifier for QRP radios or SDR transceivers with low power consumption (like a 5-watt transmitter) when 100-watt output is needed. Its maximum power output is 125 watts.

3. Safty & Protection: The XPA125B has a variety of intelligent protection circuits to ensure the safety of the amplifier and connected transceiver. When abnormal operating conditions appear like SWR is too high, too much drive power, or too high temperature, the amplifier enters bypass mode and displays an alarm message.

4. Large Screen Display: The 2.7 inch large backlit LCD display shows input/output power, SWR, Voltage, Current, Temperature, amplifier status as well as warning messages making the operation of this modern amplifier simple and also user friendly.