Why Should You Choose Messi & Paoloni Coaxial Cable?

Engineering excellence. Exclusive 24-spool braiding machines, PE-coated copper-foil shielding, exclusive foam-expanded three-layer PE dielectric seals, 99.99% pure electrolytic annealed bare copper and More! If you want the best, do not settle for less! Do it for engineering excellence and superior attention to detail in the best European tradition! State-of-the-art manufacturing facility specializes in premium-grade products for most demanding installations.

Advanced M&P product features include:

*Exclusive 24-spool braiding machines lay down 50% more conductor crossovers per inch than normally available. This innovation yields lower leakage specs and exceptionally tight bend-radius performance.

*PE-coated copper-foil shielding delivers much greater conductivity, physical flexibility and industry-leading leakage suppressed -105 dB or more. Noise is a huge problem, and we go the extra mile to lock it out!

*M&P`s exclusive foam-expanded three-layer PE dielectric seals out moisture to prevent loss and to ensure low SRL across the cable`s entire operating range for years to come.

*Select from 99.99% pure electrolytic annealed bare copper center conductors for fixed applications, or go with annealed copper-clad aluminum when weight is a factor (Airborne Series).

*Choose between highly flexible UV-resistant PVC jacketing for easy handling or trample-resistant UV protected PF for more difficult environments. Robust, flooded, dual-jacketed cables are also available for direct-burial or above-ground runs in difficult terrain.

*M&P’s catalog is a valuable 44-page reference that gives all the info you`ll need to find the best solutions for your site. Detailed products, data tables, frequency charts, help guide you.

ZMP Airborne 5

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