AV-6110, 160/80M 43 VERT. HIGH EFF. MATCH NW, 1.5kW

The AV-6110 improves efficiency on 160 and 80 Meters for the popular new 43 foot all band vertical antennas by eliminating SWR-related coax and unun mismatch losses.

When fed with a 1:4 unun, the 43’ antenna has a reasonable compromise SWR on 60-10 Meters. However, at 160/80 Meters it is virtually impossible to match this antenna because of the low radiation resistance. If you are using low loss coax, you will lose much power in the coax and unun due to bad antenna mismatches.

Installed at the base of the 43’ vertical, AV-6110 will significantly eliminate these losses and put 160 and 80 Meters back within the tuning range of the tuner inside the shack.

Includes high-voltage insulated base tube, remote power injector with switch for 160, 80 Meters and off positions.
Handles 1.5kW.


Matching box mounted in a rugged, weather-resistant PVC housing.

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